Introduction to Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics is defined as an animation. It can be easily recognized because it comes with text. The text is the major component of motion graphics. In other words, it is an animated graphic design.  There are some examples of motion graphics. These are the combination of sound or music, motion, and graphic design. Through motion graphics, the viewers can understand the story. In addition, motion graphics are used to create ads and other videos. Anatomy of a computer virus, Luibelle, and Bananas are some examples.

Also, the examples include Journey Alpha, Haikus in Motion, Skype for Business,  Bitcoin Explained, Cinematics, How to Feed the World, The Pursuit for Educational Equity, Subprime, Inspiration, and a lot more examples. Each of these motion graphics were created by different motion graphic designers. These were created with various purposes. Motion Graphics are also used in multimedia projects. These form of graphics are usually displayed through a special form of technology known as electronic media technology or manual powered technology. This kind of technology has some examples.

It includes phenakistoscope, zoetrope, and flip book. With regards to the history of motion graphics, creating one is actually time-consuming. Later, when computers were invented and are being used, the motion graphic designers were able to create computer-aided animation. Moreover, the term itself became more popular because of the use of Adobe After Effects. As time passes by, new and advanced technology is being  developed and as a result, the creation of motion graphics is also improving.