Motion Graphics vs Visual Effects

There are many different industries all over the word. One of the popular industries in the world is motion graphics and visual effects. Can you tell the difference between these two? Some people may find it confusing or seems to be similar. However, these two surely are different from each other. Anyway, both of these can be used during post production. Both of these can be described briefly and clearly. For motion graphics, it is equal to animated graphic design. It is used for title sequences.

Also, there are a lot of examples for this. Among them, Game of Thrones: An Animated Journey by BlackMeal, Social Media and You by Binalogue, A History of the Title Sequence by  From Form, The World is Obsessed with Facebook by Alex Trimple, and A Dash of That by J-Scott. All of these were actually created with various purposes.  Then, what about Visual Effects? It refers to a combination of existing footage with computer-generated imagery. Through such combination, realistic scenes can be possibly created.

Visual effects are commonly used in logo removal and sky replacements. One of the examples for this is VOLKSWAGEN Hedgehog. Some of the techniques being used for this includes Digital compositing, Match moving, Miniature effects, Morphing, Optical Effects, Optical printing, Stop  motion, Go motion, and more. There are also environmental effects that are being used such as lightning, snow, fire, and smoke effects. In other words, motion graphics is an animated graphic design while visual effects refers to an existing footage with computer-generated imagery to create realistic scenes.